Replacement RV8 cats
some good news

Most RV8 enthusiasts will face the prospect of replacing their exhaust catalysts over the next few years but will experience a sharp intake of breath on learning the MG Rover price! Well the good news is Clive Wheatley has been beavering away and found a source of good quality stainless steel replacement cats which he can supply at very much more attractive prices.
GEX8038 RH
(Last Rover price £571.81 plus VAT)
GEX8039 LH
(Last Rover price £571.81 plus VAT)

Clive's supplier has sourced these replacement cats with the correct offset pipework connection as the original unit - they are not just a run of the mill after-market cat. They are also fitted with the threaded boss at the back of the cat for the exhaust sensor required for Japan spec RV8s. A blanking plug is supplied for UK spec cars. When fitted, they provide the same ground clearance as the original units. The replacement cats are made of good quality stainless steel.

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The price differential between the two cats is because the right-hand cat has a longer, cranked pipework connection to the tailpipe and silencers. (Diag: RV8 Repair Manual AKM7153ENG)

Complete RV8 replacement exhaust systems will be available soon from Clive Wheatley mgv8parts
Clive can already supply replacement exhaust manfolds and downpipes to a slightly modified design which avoids the need for an engine removal. With the cats and tailpipe and silencers he has only one piece of pipework to source following which the whole system will be on offer.