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RV8 rear wheel bearing kit
Limited supply of the rear wheel bearing kit GHK1546 available.

RV8 front wheel bearing kit complete with hub

RV8 early front wheel bearing kit without the hub
Note, the RV8 early bearing kit without the hub is not now supplied by MG Rover but Clive Wheatley can supply the kit. The early bearing kit is for RV8s prior to axle front cross member number PE2316. This number is stamped on the nearside rear fixing leg of the front suspension cross member and can be viewed by looking behind the rear of the front road wheel. See RV8 Workshop Note 38 by Bryan Ditchman in Volume 1 of the RV8 Workshop Notes series. Clive feels this news "could cause interesting comments from members in Japan because he has heard from an RV8 member there that the front wheel bearing kit is over 600.00 per side!".

RV8 Repair Manual AKM7153
Copies of this essential document for RV8 enthusiasts can be obtained from Clive Wheatley. The manual is in a convenient loose leaf format in a good quality D-ring folder with colour covers with MG RV8 logos. The manual covers the Japanese specification air-conditioning system. Clive supplies copies of the manual. He uses the courier service Citylink to deliver the manuals to members in the UK - as a guide, the cost is around £5.50 as the manual is quite heavy.

RV8 back axle reconditioning service
Recently Clive found the original supplier for both the crown wheel and pinion and the LSD for the RV8. A new batch of crown wheel and pinions has been produced and they are now available. So Clive has solved a potential difficulty which might have become an increasing concern for RV8 enthusiasts with back axles needing repair.
Clive has also launched an RV8 back axle reconditioning service at a time when several RV8s have been experiencing noisy back axles and showing signs of wear. The service is based on complete reconditioning of members' own back axles, including both the crown wheel and pinion and limited slip differential. An exchange service is not available. The RV8 back axle was a one-off unit for the RV8 whereas the LSD was not so. The availability of crown wheel and pinion parts have been a concern whereas the LSD components less so. Clive says "there are twelve gears in the RV8 LSD so it has always been a little noisy rather than the other type of LSD with a clutch. Recently I have had two RV8s needing treatment on the back axles - the most recent was a 70,000 mile RV8 with a noisy back axle so I thought it was time to do something as many cars are approaching or beyond that mileage". In terms of cost, Clive indicates "it will depend on the amount of reconditioning work and parts that are found to be necessary, but as a guide reconditioning is likely to be in the range £500 to £1,000 including labour and materials plus VAT for the reconditioned back axle". On top of this you will need to add the costs of removing the back axle, freight both ways and reinstallation. As a guide, the price of a new RV8 back axle from MG Rover's spare parts suppliers is reported to be around £2,000 including VAT so a complete reconditioning service is a worthwhile option for an RV8 enthusiast!

RV8 half tonneau cover
Clive Wheatley has limited stocks of the RV8 half tonneau available. MG Rover price is £195.00 plus VAT.

RV8 full tonneau
A question RV8 enthusiasts often ask is "why is the full tonneau less than the smaller half tonneau?" and Clive's response is there is a great deal more work in making a half tonneau which dresses round the folded hood.

New RV8 wheels - 17 inch split rim with titanium bolts
As the RV8 road wheels (ZKC5700 and ZKC6749) are no longer available and we have been told it will not be made again, Clive Wheatley has found a source of supply for the prototype three piece spilt rim wheel. It is available as the original 15 inch diameter wheel or as 17 inch wheel suitable for a low profile 205x50x17 tyre.

The 17 inch wheel and tyre was shown in the April/May 2002 issue of MG World magazine and in the August 2002 issue of Safety Fast! The 15 inch prototype split rim wheel can be seen in the MGV8 Twenty One Years On book by David Knowles on page 74. It is shown fitted to the third development car (White ADDDEV03) registration JGT 808 N owned by our member Alan Torbett in Worcestershire. Contact Clive Wheatley on 01902 330489 for further information on these wheels and their availability.

Genuine Parts MGBGTV8 & V8 Conversions

MGBGTV8 starter motor heatshield
Made to the original specification.

MGBGTV8 rocker covers
Made to the original specification.

V8 grille plinth
To fasten to any MGB grille - for those who wish to display the V8 on the front of their MGV8.

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RV8 headlight glasses

RV8 Magneti Marelli alternator

RV8 alternator (Magneti Marelli) part number GNU 2398.

RV8 starter motor (Bosch) part number GNU 4665

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