New part resourced by Clive Wheatley

Clive has been beavering away with his manufacturing contacts and obtained a supply of the Fuel Elbow ZKC5060 for the RV8. They are available now.

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Posted: 220120

Fuel Elbow from small filter to fuel pump ZKC5060
Item 8 is the chart opposite from the RV8 Parts Manual. All parts nearby available too.
An RV8 part has been resourced by Clive Wheatley
It is a new elbow shaped steel pipe with a small end which links the small fuel filter and at the other larger end which links to the fuel pump. This replacement part is available now on his website.

Fuel Elbow ZKC5060 (8) from the small filter (7) to the fuel pump
(1) in the chart below
Available at £25.95 including VAT
Website link