Hazel Chapman - end of an era

A remarkable lady - a former British racing driver, businessworman and co-founder of Lotus cars.

Posted: 211215
In a Facebook post David Knowles records the "end of an era" as the former British racing driver, businesswoman and co-founder of Lotus Cars, Hazel Chapman, died earlier this week at the age of 94. Born Hazel Williams in north London on May 21, 1927, she was instrumental in the founding of Lotus cars, and raced the company’s early models. After growing up in the British capital, Hazel met Colin Chapman at a dance when she was 16. According to Lotus, the pair soon began their relationship and simultaneously started working on their first car together. As the company grew, Hazel was key to the creation of the original Lotus business. The company was formed in 1st January 1952 in Crouch End, London. A few years after the business got off the ground, Hazel and Colin married, and she was appointed to the board of a number of Lotus companies. This saw her play a key role at the head of Lotus Cars, Team Lotus and Lotus Components.

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