Will EV classics be popular?
Will the attraction for buyers be the emerging "restomod" factor or a wish to be seen as Eco responsible? Part of the attraction of a classic car is its heritage and for many the heart and soul of their car is the engine - the sound and feel, not least with a V8. Taking that out would be a loss for many enthusiasts.

In the latest podcast on the Club website Nigel Elliot mentions classic vehicles account for only 0.25% of total miles driven on UK roads, so the impact of classics on total vehicle emissions is small.

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RBW Electric Roadster at the NEC Classic Car Show
On display at the show was a car described by some as a "restomod" - a roadster that is a brand new electric car in an MGB Heritage bodyshell that has been slightly modified. It has been developed by a British company RBW founded by Peter Swain. He has owned many supercars over the years, but always fond of classic MG roadsters. He had an MGB in the workshop, so took out the differential at the back, along with the engine and gearbox, and then worked out how much space he had under the bonnet for batteries. With the drivetrain at the back for better weight distribution, he made a wooden mock-up of a frame that would hold the electric motor which would bolt on to the vehicle without any structural changes.
RBW is planning to build an initial run of 30 cars in 2021 with the option of a hard or soft-top, and in any body colour and interior finish the customer might want. The price will start at an eye-watering £108,000.