Pothole hotspots in the UK

Pothole information
Response from Highways England to a Freedon of Information request for information regarding pothole information. GOV.UK website

Just how bad is the pothole crisis in England? A driving school found out!
Bill Plant, a driving school, say they regularly look into trends and data surrounding learning to drive and driving conditions in the UK. Curious to know more they sent a Freedom of Information request to England’s councils to find out just how bad England’s pothole crisis is and, specifically, where in the UK suffers from them the most. See their blog

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Pothole hotspots revealed
Research has revealed the areas with the highest and lowest numbers of potholes in the UK. The data from a Freedom of Information Request revealed that Cornwall had the highest number of potholes in the UK, with over 210,000 reported since January 2017. In terms of cost, Wiltshire has been named as the area which has spent the most amount of money repairing potholes – an eye-catching £69m.

Potholes can also cause damage to your car - burst tyres, problems with suspension and even damage to your vehicle’s bodywork.
Which areas reported the most potholes?
1. Cornwall Council
2. Cambridgeshire County Council
3. Derbyshire County Council
4. Devon County Council
5. Oxfordshire County Council
6. East Riding of Yorkshire Council
7. Durham County Council
8. Rotherham Metro Borough Council
9. Hertfordshire County Council
10. Fife Council
11. Kirklees Metro Borough Council
12. Dumfries and Galloway Council
13. Kent County Council
14. Hampshire County Council
15. Newcastle upon Tyne City Council
16. East Renfrewshire Council
17. Essex County Council
18. City of Glasgow
19. Wiltshire Council
20. Doncaster Metro Borough Council
At the other end of the findings, Kensington and Chelsea recorded the fewest potholes (141) followed by the Isle of Anglesea (290) and Sunderland City Council (320).
Highest pothole spend by local authority
1. Wiltshire Council £68,636,826
2. Warwickshire County Council £51,234,011
3. Cheshire West and Chester £38,645,000
4. Kent County Council £33,400,000
5. Cheshire East £23,871,807
6. Hertfordshire County Council £21,749,578
7. Essex County Council £21,000,000
8. Cumbria County Council £11,713,000
9. Hampshire County Council £11,004,031
10. Cornwall Council £10,528,114

Lowest pothole spend by local authority
1. Stockport Metro Borough Council
2. Royal Boro of Kensington & Chelsea
3. Rutland County Council
4. London Borough of Lambeth
5. Gloucestershire County Council
6. London Borough of Southwark
7. London Borough of Haringey
8. Cardiff Council
9. Midlothian Council
10. London Borough of Bexley