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New arrival - interest took off!

Victor Rodrigues near Zurich has sent in his photo with the caption "new arrival - interest took off" saying "I remember when I purchased my MGBGTV8 Teal Blue 1506 in December 1998 and informed our Swiss MGBGTV8 community of friends using this “collage”, interest in the MG certainly took off!"

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Updated: 210929
Posted: 210928

Peter Beadle has sent in a photo of a preproduction MGBGTV8 in action as a rally car and says "perhaps we need a photo section of our cars on the V8 website with a competition for the best caption relating to the photo".

Peter has some suggestions to set the ball rolling:
One careful owner from new!
If only my V8 had wings
SH.t....50 yards, 90 degree left.
Bumpstops, what Bump stops.
The settings on the Koni Shock Absorbers seem too soft?
I like my coffee shaken not stirred.
Are you are planning to fit a supercharger?
Who needs Power Steering when it seems to be this light.
Over 7,000 revs do you think the 2nd camfollower on the left bank is a bit noisy?
Did you feel the earth move darling?
You can do it in an MG?
So, your day job is an HGV driver delivering petrol to the M5 service stations. Did someone say they had petrol at the M5 services Gloucester? I'll beat them to the pumps by going cross country!

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