Model MGBGTV8 in Switzerland

The size of this model is 22cm (L) x 9cm (W) x 7.5cm (H). That's 8.7" (L) x 3.5" (W) x 2.9" (H).

Close up photos of the model MGBGTV8
Peter Ellis has sent in a couple of close up photos of details of the Universal Hobbies MGBGTV8 - the engine bay and Dunlop composite wheel. Remarkable detail.
Peter feels it was unfortunate that Universal Hobbies made various versions of the 4 cylinder MGB before going on to the V8 so the sump and exhaust manifold on the V8 are as for the standard MGB! Photos

Posted: 210804 & Updated: 210805

Victor Rodrigues says "the photos are not from a new factory MGBGTV8 in my garage but part of my model collection in my MG Room! They are 1:18 scale and it is a fantastic metal model in all details not least the very detailed engine bay under the bonnet! It has the very nice Dunlop composite wheels and a heated rear window. It's simply perfect in all details. Only the V8 badge on the front grille and the BL-badge on the left front wing were unfortunately forgotten during the production. This 1:18 metal model was made in China by the company Universal Hobbies and the price in Switzerland in 2008 was approximately £55 which is quite a big difference to those now expected to be available from September 2021. I will be interested to know if the doors and bonnet of those new models can be opened and if they include the detailed Rover V8 engine". See all eight photos