Model MGBGTV8s

MGV8 enthusiast Peter Ellis has spotted a couple of webpages with information on a couple of 1/18 scale model MGBGTV8s.

At 1/18 scale the models would be quite large at around 8.7" long (21.7cm) and 3.3" wide (8.5cm). No prices are shown as far as can be seen but will probably be available nearer September 2021 when they are due to be coming out.

Both are described as "1973" models but they have the rear numberplate illuminators mounted on the top of the bumper and not in the side of the overrider as you see on the cars in the early months of production. The Bracken example has a V8 badge on the offside wing, a non original feature which catches out so many people not familiar with the original details of the model.

Update: Peter Ellis says "prices vary from about £170 to just over £200 each!"

Posted/Updated: 210802

Model of MGBGTV8 (Harvest Gold 0788) that went through paint finishing on 10th October 1973 and was despatched to Bewac Motors (Bridgeclock) in Coventry.

Model of MGBGTV8 (Bracken 0942) that went through paint finishing on 5th November 1973 and was despatched to Lowndes Garages in Carmarthen.

Peter Ellis says "wondered whether you had seen these new 1/18 scale V8s (one in Harvest Gold the other in Bracken) coming out in September 2021 apparently. They are below the MG TD models on the Cult Scale Models website. There is also some more information after scrolling down past the Sunbeam on the Model Auto Review website ".