'Super BV8' built by the Hewitt Brothers of Manchester

A new registration arrived today from an enthusiast who has bought this extraordinary Prototype 'Super B V8'
built by Hewitt Brothers of Manchester. A truly stunning expertly designed one-off vehicle which was described as 'An MG for the Nineties' and that it was the 'Dawn of a new era'.

The Hewitt brothers had a strong background in racing MGs and notched up more than 250 race and class wins with MGs.

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One-off MG V8 prototype Heritage shell build. The Hewitt brothers were planning to build these cars to order, but as far as we are aware no other cars were built. Their vision was to create a MG for the 90s. They designed the striking body kit to lift the original design and move on from the controversial and somewhat dated MGB rubber bumpers. The interior is finished in grey leather and walnut veneer dash for a touch of luxury. The car has a louvered aluminium bonnet that hides the genuine MG V8 which has been modified up to 280bhp and breathes through a Holley 390 CFM carburettor, with a 214 Kent cam, a V8 overdrive gearbox. telescopic shock absorbers, competition springs and eye-catching 9J Revolution wheels. The old MOTs support the 34,000 mileage. It featured in a magazine article which documented the history of this car.