Revival of MG as a sportscar?

MG as a sportscar and sporty saloon has always been a practical, compact and affordable car for enthusiasts to enjoy. Whether these low slung concepts will be attractive and affordable to buyers across the MG enthusiast age range is not certain.

Clearly the dominant sportscar in that sector for many years has been an evolving product - the very successful Mazda MX5 - often regarded by many as the attractive, practical and reliable sportscar MG could have been.

Let's see where MG goes next.

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MG E-Motion
The MG E-Motion concept was revealed at the Shanghai Motor Show in April 2017 as a new two-door, four-seat sportscar. Auto Express say "there has been no further official comment but our understanding is that the E-Motion is on track to be revealed as a road-ready car" with "possibly of a series of product announcements later this year".

It's clearly a large car - but so are most new cars these days - and earlier this year Auto Express commented the E-Motion had "t
he current MG family ‘face’ and that the concept car has been evolved into a sportier shape, somewhat reminiscent of an Aston Martin’s." The car utilises SAIC’s own modular electric architecture and a twin-motor, four-wheel-drive powertrain.

MG Cyberster - an electric concept car
It's an electric concept car that hints at a return to the open-top two seat sports car market. It is reported it will be revealed in full at the 2021 Shanghai Motor Show later this month. Details revealed some technical features which suggest it will be a close rival to the expected second-generation Tesla Roadster.

The Cyberster will have intelligent electric motion systems which could enable the car to achieve a range of up to 495 miles. An interesting report hints MG may be investigating a form of crowdfunding as a way of financing its development through to production and offering early investors access to the car's development process - like the choice of internal and external trim, body colours and interior systems.