E10 on sale in the UK from September

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Posted: 210225
All petrol stations in the UK will sell E10 fuel as the standard from September 2021 - that is expected to be announced by the UK Government today. Whilst all petrol stations will sell E10 as the standard fuel, the older E5 will still be sold but as a more expensive super grade. That will enable owners of classic cars to use the less damaging fuel for their cars. In 2018 the Times reported there were around one million cars registered in the UK before 2000 that cannot use E10 and that number included 75,800 MGs.

For drivers of modern cars used as their daily driver, the introduction of E10 will raise their motor fuel costs by around 1.6% because the ethanol in E10 produces less energy per litre. On top of that using more litres per 100 miles as a consequence the Government's tax take on more litres consumed will be greater. Will we also see a fuel tax rise in the Chancellor's Budget next week?