Best scratch remover

As hopefully milder, dry weather may arrive over the next four weeks providing an opportunity for V8 enthusiaststo get their MGV8 into the fresh air when attention will turn to routine servicing and cleaning from a few months in Winter lay-up. Maybe you might like to remove a few scratches on the paintwork and have been wondering what product to use. Well in a recent "Weekly Scoop" message to Which? magazine subscribers they have a recommendation based on their product tests.

Credit: Which? magazine

Posted: 210220
Best scratch remover
In a recent "Weekly Scoop" message to Which? magazine subscribers, they say "knowing what's the best car scratch remover for removing shallow scratches from your car can be a game changer for your bodywork". They add "scratches on your car paintwork are irritating, but we've found that with the best car scratch removers you can make shallow scratches disappear quickly and effectively. In January 2021 we applied car scratch removers to uniform scratches we'd created onto a piece of car panel so we could find out which one was the best. We conducted our tests using nine commercial products designed to remove shallow scratches, including Formula 1, Meguairs and T-Cut. We also tested to see if WD-40 can hide car scratches as several online videos claim".

A key question is do car scratch removers work?
Well Which? say "most car scratch removers are designed to repair shallow scratches to the outer clear coat of the car's paint. Not all the scratch removers we tested produced the same results, even on shallow scratches. However, some we tested proved to be brilliant on shallow scratches and one even managed to lessen the appearance of damage on deeper scratches.

The clear standout product we've named our Best Buy car scratch remover product was Autoglym Scratch Removal Kit. Which? say it "produced the best results on the scratches we tested it on and left the best finish, even after washing the paintwork with car shampoo". The all-in-one car scratch remover kit contains 100ml of Scratch Remover, 100ml of Super Resin Polish, one Tech Finishing Cloth and one Scratch Removal Applicator. Which? say it "produced amazing results - it made the shallow scratches on our car door vanish from sight after the first use". It's available at £18 from Autoglym and Halfords.