Beautiful V8 Roadster in Western Australia

Posted: 210206

John Fripp in Western Australia has sent in a photo of his V8 Roadster which he has owned for about ten years. It was originally imported into Victoria from North America and came onto the market around 2010. It was converted to RHD and chrome bumper spec with lowered suspension all round. Subsequently it was fitted BW35, 3.08:1 LSD and rear discs. John says "it now resides with me in Western Australia. My wife Karin, and I, had been booked to attend the MGC Day 2020 but the pandemic put the mockers on that aspiration. If ever we find ourselves free to roam the World again we will make the most of that opportunity and include as many UK MG activities as possible. Until then I will continue to enjoy rumbling around the Perth Hills and reading articles in Safety Fast!