MG the fastest growing car brand

Comparative sales chart and table
See a chart of the comparative UK sales in 2019 and 2020 together with a table of comparative sales for the top 25 brands. More

Posted: 210122
MG, the UK's fastest-growing car brand, broke all previous sales records in 2020 despite the challenging market conditions caused by the UK lockdown and COVID 19 restrictions. MG Motor ended the year with total registrations of 18,415 in 2020 - an increase of 40.8% over its previous best sales year in 2019.

Our table shows how most other leading brands saw heavy falls in sales volumes from 2019 to 2020. However MG sales volumes are relatively modest at 18,415 in 2020 but are growing strongly. MG ranks No 24 in the top 25 brands in the UK market. SUVs are a strong market segment, but sadly no new MG sportscars yet.