Handy voltage tester from Retronics

Retronics have products designed to improve the safety & practicality of driving your classic vehicle in this busy, modern world. The company is is based at Honiton in Devon where they design all their products, using their own PCB technology for reliability & ease of installation.


Posted: 210114
RVTN – Retronics Voltage Tester (for negative earth vehicles)
This is the ultimate easy to use, top quality voltage finder and tester. No awkward switches, dials or poor quality probes! The RVTN works on 6v, 12v & 24v vehicle wiring. A deliberately simple device, hand made from quality components, the RVTN is built to last! An integral earth clip means one hand is free – no more trying to hold two multi meter probes as well as the wire/item you are testing! Easy to hold, insulated solid brass probe. It has a one metre strong silicon covered cable – super flexible & flame retardant! LED bulb & reliable, lasting quality earth clip.
A quick, easy & safe way to find a live wire! More

With a 5 year guarantee you can purchase your RVTN for only £12.99 with free UK postage. Retronics link