Care with battery conditioners

Battery conditioner thread on the V8BB
In a V8BB post Peter Spurrs is encouraging fellow members to share any experiences they have had with battery conditioners.
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Member survey on conditioners
Alongside the V8BB post we have launched a member survey with two aims: first to gather fellow members' views on their experience of using various brands of battery conditioner on their MGV8 and/or other vehicles and second to gather information on their experience with the performance and reliability of any battery conditioner they have used.
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Updated: 201218
Posted: 201209

We have had a report of a fire which destroyed several historic vehicles, which is believed to have been started by a faulty battery conditioner. At this stage we are waiting for the son of the elderly owner of the vehicles to let us know the brand of conditioner and later the results of the insurance forensic investigation of the damage which might possibly point to how the device failed. It's not alarmist to say we need to take care where we place the conditioner and how we use it to maintain the battery on our MGV8 so if the conditioner should fail the possibility of damage to they car is avoided. CTEK battery conditioner

One safety measure is to have a RCD plug on the 13amp socket that will trip if a current surge is detected. That seems a prudent low cost safety measure and the more so with an ageing device. Also avoid placing the conditioner on or in the car, instead outside the car. See a copy of an RCD information sheet. More

For the MGBGTV8 the charging can be made via the cigar lighter socket in the radio console - see an example of the lead and plug for that socket alongside. More

How to connect up a battery conditioner to an MGV8
See V8NOTE513 and RV8NOTE42
Update 201218
We understand the battery charging device in use at the time of the fire was not a CTEK or Accumate battery conditioner, each a popular choice for MGV8 enthusiasts. This will provide some reassurance for fellow V8 members, particularly those who helpfully contributed feedback through the short survey carried out recently who each indicated they had a CTEK or Accumate .

Note: we are staying in close touch with the case and will provide further updates as information becomes available for release.