Ensure your MGV8 details are kept up to date with the V8 Registrar

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Posted: 201123
V8 Registrar explains why it is so important to ensure your car details are kept up to date on your V8 Registration with the V8 Register's database.
Registering your MGV8 with the V8 Register is a key part of your connection with the V8 Register and access to useful membership benefits. The information provided in your registration and updates enables the V8 Register, as a fundamental part of its role within the Club, to maintain detailed information on MGV8 models - their key identification data (VIN and VRN), where they are, who has owned them and their history. That data is an important archive that has practical purposes not least helping current owners to know more of the history of their MGV8, but it is also as an essential source of facts to enable the V8 Register to support V765 applications to DVLA where for example an owner is seeking the reissue of an earlier vehicle registration number.

Ensure your MGV8 details are kept up to date with the V8 Registrar and of course any change of address and contacts.
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