MGBGTV8 seen for sale in Australia

Jim Livingstone reports this MGBGTV8 is for sale in Australia. It is fitted with 15" x 6" wheels - they are described as "enlarged Factory Dunlop alloy wheels" and the ride seems slightly lower than standard when you see the car in the top two photos alongside. It seems to have the original steering wheel on the platform under the rear hatch.

At current foreign exchange rates this car is on offer at around £43,950. So even in the "Exceptional" condition class with a number of mechanical upgrades it is fully priced.
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Posted: 201120

15 x 6'' enlarged Factory Dunlop alloy wheels
MGBGTV8 for sale - Teal Blue 0704
A$79,900 excluding Australian Government charges
Built in September 1973 and despatched to Hartwells in Oxford. Body, paintwork and Dunlop composite wheels were refurbished in 2004 when major metalwork was undertaken on the MG, after 31 years of driving on UK roads had started to take it's toll.
Privately imported to Australia in February of 2013 and then it underwent major restoration work. Many mechanical upgrades, including re-barrelled 15x6” wheels retaining the original centres, rear telescopic shock absorbers, a 22mm sway bar, a rear panhard rod kit, negative camber arms, a short shift gear lever, as well a Quaiffe and more. The car has a large, well organised file containing ownership history from new to the current day, Comprehensive invoice history from June 1984 onwards, spanning 36 years, 7 owners in the UK and Australia and 44,000 miles of use.