Scam warnings

Scammers are clever and adapt to changing circumstances - in Covid lockdown with many older people shielding the scammers have spotted the convenience of food parcel deliveries has attracted many people as a useful way of getting supplies. The scammers' interest has produced new scams. So be aware and warn older relatives and neighbours too.

Posted: 171105

Two scams reported recently.

Food parcel delivery scam
This is where a person(s) will either knock on your door or phone you offering to deliver a food parcel during the lockdown and providing COVID support. They state that they work for the council and would then arrange for a day to deliver your food parcel - they also ask you for your bank details. If this happens to you or if you hear of a neighbour, friend or family member who this has happened to please advise them to contact the Police via the 101 number or 999 if the suspect is still near by giving them a description of the suspect. If they have given their bank details, please get them to contact their bank immediately.

There will be genuine agencies who will be delivering food parcels, but any legitimate business will not ask for any bank details and if you have arranged a delivery, make sure that you have a family member, neighbour or friend with you if in any doubt.

Home insulation inspection scam
is where a person receives a call from someone claiming to be from the council and is working on installing insulation to homes in the borough. They will make an appointment to inspect your home but will also ask for personal details - for example your bank account information. It is important to remember that council officers will never ask for personal details.

If you do receive a call as described, take the officers details - for example their name, department and telephone number and tell them you will call back later to confirm the appointment.