Electrifying modern twist on a classic car

Just as having a bulging Tesla on your drive in well-off urban areas has become a sign of your environmental concerns - and probably a need for social recognition and an assertive driving style in narrow streets with drivers sitting above the more lowly vehicles - now will we see another fashion develop over the next 30 years where replica electric classic sportscars become fashionable in a similar way? Good grief!

If they move on to electric MGBV8s imagine driving without that pleasure of the wonderful sound of an understated V8 engine!
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Posted: 201110
A feature in the Business section of the Times yesterday reported on a fledgling Midlands-based motor manufacturer which has drawn inspiration from the classic MGB Roadster of the 1960s to produce an electric version. Peter Swain of RBW EV Classic Cars says "with the aesthetic appeal of a classic but with modern electric engineering, the opportunities are endless, safeguarding the future of classic motoring". After constructing a pre-production car, an initial 30 of the limited-edition, hand-built models will start early in 2021. Prices start at £95,000 plus taxes!