Dunlop composite wheel restorations from Renowheel

Paul Rawson posted on the V8 Bulletin Board that "I've recently had my wheels refurbished at Renowheel in Bridgend. They polished the chrome rims, powder coated the centers then diamond cut the raised profile without splitting the wheels. They will also split the wheels and send the rims off to be re-chromed, obviously at a much higher cost. I hope this is useful for some of you out there". 26th Oct 2020

Block D, Unit 2
Brackla Industrial Estate
Mid-Glamorgan CF31 2DB
01656 657993

Posted: 201030

Renowheel - Dunlop Chrome Alloy wheel specialists
Renowheel responded promptly to the V8 Webmaster's email seeking further information on their restoration service for Dunlop composites saying they "split the wheels and mark each one as we split them so they go back together exactly as they come apart. Regarding the outer steel rim we out-source the chroming normally to S & T Plating in Bristol where they are heavily copper coated and re-chromed normally at a cost of £250 per rim plus VAT. The typical cost of splitting a Dunlop composite wheel, removing corrosion and rechroming the steel rims, refurbishing the alloy centres and then reassembling and balancing the wheel as part of the restoration service is currently around £500 a wheel plus VAT, so £600. If the wheel has been refurbished before it would be subject to inspection to assess if the wheel could be restored.
Very good news
This is clearly very good news for many MGBGTV8 enthusiasts who have been concerned with serious corrosion developing on on their Dunlop composite wheels and frustrated that they could not find a skilled wheel restorer able to carry out the difficult restoration work. MWS ceased offering their restoration service some years ago. If you try contacting Renowheel do be aware that at present Wales has Covid lockdown measures so telephone calls may go to an ansafone, but Renowheel respond promptly to emails.

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