Electricity doesn't grow on trees!

Martin Evans and his father enjoy their MGBGTV8 which he says has just reached 51,000 miles on Wednesday, being only the second time it has been out this year.

He supports the philosophy and practice of "Durable Car Ownership" and is keen to see classic cars continuing to run on the roads. He adds "Im afraid I lean more to the Charles Ware point of view". More

Posted: 201018

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MGBGTV8 and Midget enthusiast, Martin Evans, has been in touch to see if we have any idea how many MGV8s are still one the road and in storage - the simple answer is we don't know, but the numbers registered with the V8 Database suggest a high proporttion are there. The stats released by DVLA are muddled as they don't seem to distinguish between MGBs and MGBGTV8s or RV8s.

But on the topic of petrol driven cars, and particularly MGs which both Martin and his father enjoy, Martin says "we are told that getting rid of the exhaust pipe is the answer to our traffic emissions problems, as if that is the sole source of pollution from a car. It's a case of out of sight, out of mind. Attached is an edited email of mine, that was published in Practical Classics".
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Martin finds the case for electric cars is more complex and less clear than many enthusing over them might claim. Electric cars have become a real status symbol and promotional material for an SUV highlights one of the selling points is “You can sit above other vehicles on the road”. What a justification for an SUV. Hydrogen fuelled cars may become an real alternative because they could retain the “stop-fill-go” mentality for drivers rather than "plan ahead-stop & charge-go” mentality needed for electric cars on medium to long trips..