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Form V765 procedure
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More information on vehicle inspections and reports for V765 applications for V8 members, contact the V8 Webmaster

Feedback welcome
If any member has any recent experience with DVLA processing V765 applications we would very much welcome your feedback. Contact the V8 Webmaster

Posted: 201018

Paul Plummer has bought an RV8 in Sweden and has brought it back to the UK. It's an early model - BRG 0284- and Paul is now trying to regain the original registration number the car had when it was last in the UK. To do that he will need to make a V765 application to DVLA.

Paul was concerned that there might be difficulties with DVLA processing V765 applications during the Covid period. He said "I have tried, to contact DVLA with three emails and several phone calls regarding this change, but cannot get a reply." On checking with a fellow V8 member with contacts with the FBHVC, the response on the current situation is summarised below.
Current situation with DVLA processing V765 applications
The feedback we have seen on how DVLA processing is functioning is "normal operations, including V765 applications, appear to be working more or less as usual. At the time of the first lockdown DVLA stopped receiving mail and only the online processes were available. They then announced that from 15th June 2020 a number of staff would return to the office and postal applications could again be accepted, although they stressed that turnaround times might be extended. From the feedback received everything now seems to be working well and surprisingly quickly! However we know that South Wales is now one of the more severely affected areas for Covid infections and I am not aware of any consequences for DVLA, so far at least."

How to register your vehicle under its original registration number:

a. Applications must be submitted on form V765 and signed by the keeper of the vehicle agreeing to the terms and conditions of the V765 scheme. A V55/5 should also be filled in and a recent photograph of the vehicle confirming it as a complete entity must be included. A fee is not applicable as the vehicle is being re-registered and is not applying for first registration.
b. The application must have a V765 form signed, stamped and approved by the relevant vehicle owners or enthusiasts club (for their make/type), shown on the ‘List of Vehicle Owners Clubs’ (V765/1). The club may charge a fee to process the application.
c. Evidence must be presented with the application to link the registration number to the vehicle.

The MG Car Club is accepted by DVLA as a relevant owners club and the V8 Register has supported a number of members' V765 applications by carrying out a close vehicle inspection to identify the car and its previous VRN with a report to support the V765 application.