New supply of RV8 rear lights coming - update

RV8 rear lamps have been for sale on eBay at eye watering prices. In September 2019 the final bid for an RV8 rear lamp unit was £475. More

Repairing an RV8 rear lamp
An RV8 member in Australia, Aidan Pavey, was able to repair his rear lamp, damaged by a car nearby in a car park. You can see the article he has contributed. RV8NOTE460

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Posted: 200814
What are the prospects for a new supply of RV8 lamps?
Clive Wheatley mgv8parts has been working on sourcing a new supply of RV8 rear lamps through a specialist supplier in the West Midlands. The tooling for the new lenses and the complicated backing of the unit are requiring a serious investment. Clive is working with the local specialist but it's not a straightforward rear lamp unit like the item seen on MGBGTV8s and MGBs.

During his researches Clive found from contact with the original manufacturer of the RV8 rear lamp units for MG Rover that following the demise of MG Rover all the tooling for the lamp units was binned. He also heard that the original tooling cost MG Rover over £280,000 back in the early 1990s but Clive is working with the local specialist and the progress with the lenses has gone well, not least with the complicated backing to the unit with the mountings and lamp fittings. But it is a project Clive wants to be a success and the good news is the manager of the specialist supplier also has an RV8 of his own! So we have two RV8 enthusiasts on this project.

In normal conditions all the work would have been done by now but Clive reports the staff at the specialist have been in lockdown which has delayed the project. But a few of the staff have returned and the work is gradually getting going again, but a great deal of time and effort is still needed to complete the project. It's likely the lamps will be available in 2 to 3 months time.