Matters raised in Members' V8 AGM 2020 voting

Posted: 200722
Below are the various matters raised by Members when sending in their online voting forms for the V8 AGM 2020.

For full information on the online V8 AGM 2020, the procedure and an online voting form for Memberrs, go to link.
Mike Lane
Comments on V8 Chairman's report

Agreed that we are in difficult times. Well done to all involved. Now like all of us, I am just looking forward to a better 2021.
Ian Quarrington
Comment of V8 Chairman's report

Thank you for continuing to keep the Register at the forefront for V8 enthusiasts.

Ken Clayton
Comments on other reports
As the Member who is currently a V8 Committee member and our V8 Tour/Event Coordinator, Ken said "Whilst the V8 Kent Tour 2020 has been postponed to 2021, I still require a member to step forward to organise the 2022 V8 Tour. If any member would like to discuss what is involved; please do contact me. Contact details are on the "Contacts" webpage for th V8 Register Committee.
We had very much hoped one of the regulars attending the annual V8 Tour might volunteer to take on the role of organising the V8 Tour 2022 but any other Member willing to volunteer will be very welcome. Without a volunteer than we will have to discuss subcontracting the role to Scenic Tours.

Richard Withington
Matter raised
As someone who has previously arranged one of the V8 Register's V8 Tours, Richard said "I would also like to ask whether further consideration is being given to asking Scenic Tours to arrange future Tours or are we maintaining past formats with members volunteering".
Ken Clayton has had no volunteers to plan and run the next V8 Tour in 2021 or 2022 (if this year’s tour in moved on a year as seems likely) which is disappointing. So resorting to contracting out planning and arranging a V8 Tour seems very likely now. Scenic Tours are good at the job but it would have been a welcome sight to see members who enjoy the annual V8 Tours stepping forward just occasionally and putting something back into the tours. Your contribution with the V8 Lincolnshire Tour was very good.