Where are they now?

Has any Member seen either of these MGBGTV8s or knows of there whereabouts? If you have any information please contact the V8 Registrar. Email

Posted: 200702
"Where is it now" emails are not unusual for the V8 Registrar and as an example one has arrived saying "I am looking for the two MGs in the photo attached, taken in 1993. The white car is my father’s V8 and the red one was mine. It was up for sale as I had moved to Hong Kong. I am now back in the UK and was wondering if the two cars are still around. My father sold the V8 in the late 90s I think to a relative. I have some pictures of the cars I can share with the current owners". Our checks had only limited success:

Checking the V8 Database is the first step to see if the car (or at least the registration number) has been registered with the V8 Register. Neither of these two MGBGTV8s were found in the V8 Database. I notice the Glacier White MGBGTV8 in the photo below shows an MGOC grille badge.

Checking the DVLA vehicle registration records on the GOV.UK website produced a mixed response.

Tax due 1st May 2021
MOT expires 12th September 2020

Untaxed & no MOT results
Last MOT with 2,150 miles expired in August 2017