Classics under threat from new UK scrappage scheme
The Federation of British Historic Vehicle Clubs (FBHVC), representing more than 500 of the UK's historic vehicle clubs, has joined calls to avoid a repeat of the scrappage scheme in 2019 when thousands of classic cars were taken out of use and crushed.

Posted: 200618
Last car scrappage scheme in 2019
The last cash-for-clunkers scheme in 2019 took thousands of classic cars and their parts away from enthusiasts. A worrying 572 MGBs are reported to have been scrapped at that time.

No confirmation or denial of a new scheme
The Department of Transport said "we are committed to reducing carbon emissions and the long term future of incentives for zero emission vehicles". No denial.

Preventing historic vehicles from falling into a new UK scrappage schemes - just ban vehicles with the tax class "Historic" on their V5C from any new scrappage scheme..