Story behind a badly damaged RV8 and its later life!

Posted: 200618

Crash damaged RV8 (BRH 0270)

Tim Hipwell's RV8 trailer seen at MGLive! in 2005

David Knowles spotted a grim photo of a crash damaged RV8 (UK spec BRG 0270) which was written off in 1999. The back end of the car was later used by Tim Hipwell as a bespoke trailer which was seen at MGLive! in 2005.

The Facebook post from Paul Larner said "Back in June 1998, when my father retired, he sold his daily commuter car (a 1996 Ford Escort RS2000) and his weekend car (a 1974 MGB) and bought an MG RV8 with 15,000 miles on the clock and the private plate. Mum and Dad moved from London to Devon to enjoy their retirement. One Sunday morning in January 1999, Dad went for a drive. He lost the back end on some mud on the road, and the car flipped over and landed on its roof. The strength of the windscreen surround probably saved his life and (as you can see from photo) and he was fortunate that Mum wasn't in the car with him. The fire brigade helped to complete the demolition of the car when they cut him out of it. Apart from some cuts and bruises, he was fine. He replaced the RV8 with a more sedate Rover 216. Sadly he passed away 5 years ago and I found this photo while sorting some of his old photos over the weekend".