What does MG mean today in the UK and elsewhere?

The market for MGs in Thailand is very strong and models like the Extender truck and even an MGV8 Peoplemover or Van are popular alongside the mainstream MG HS/ZS and MG3 models.

See MG promotional videos
Franck Morand has sent over some links to promotional videos.
MGs at the motor show in Thailand
MG Extender at the motor show
MG Extender offroad

Posted: 200612
Franck Morand, a French MGV8 enthusiast now based in Thailand, has sent in some photos from another car show in Thailand where MGs are selling very well including the MG HS SUV, the MG3 compact saloon and the truck, the MG Extender!

Franck says "in fact, when you think of it, it is probably the Extender model which is closest to the MG heritage.
It front engine and rear wheel drive.
> It has the option of manual box - yes, in Asia, it is the other way round, as literally all cars are auto, because of the heavy traffic.
> It has a lot of chrome when compared to other modem cars which hardly have any chrome.
> It's sporty for a 4x4 pick up truck, with a 2 litre turbo diesel that delivers 161 HP".