Engine Builder's Handbook Hp1245: How to Rebuild Your Engine to Original or Improved Condition

ISBN: 978-1-55788-245-5
Pages: 176
Publisher: HP Books
Published: 1996

Review welcome - if any member has found this book useful we would welcome a review of the book and how you found it useful.

Posted: 200604
Peter Nixon is restoring an MGBV8 Roadster and has got hold of a copy of the Engine Builder's Handbook by Tom Monroe. He has reached the stage with his rebuild where the engine needs rebuilding and he has found this book very useful.

All of the information in this valuable companion guide is presented in terms easy to understand. It's packed with general tips, techniques and procedures that can be applied to all types of engine building, whether for musclecars, classics, hot rods, powerboats or all-out race cars. Peter says "it has 12 pages on camshaft theory and it covers the engine he has in his V8 Roadster, an SD1 with twin SU HIF carburettors as well as Range Rover 2.5 efi, 3.5 high compression and 3.5 low compression V8 engines".

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