Beware of scammers

Scams are a growing pestilence on the internet and the classic car world sees cases often, some brazen and others devious. In this case the person sending the email might be genuine but from examining the email it has many signs of a scam. With many classic car enthusiasts in C-19 lock-down working on the car is a natural thing to do to use spare time. Scammers will know this and devise ways of sending messages to try and trick recipients into responding and then they try and find ways of getting payments or other personal data. The case alongside raises concerns and this NEWS item aims to put fellow members on alert.

Suspected fraudster selling V8 parts & then a whole car
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Posted: 200425
Possible scam
A member who posted a V8 Spares Wanted advert on the V8 Website in September 2018 says he "received an email message yesterday asking if I was still looking for an RV8 air cleaner neck. I was a little wary because of the poor English, but I responded that I was indeed still after one.
This morning, I opened the follow up message (sent at 02:55 last night!) which confirms my suspicions. The guy doesn't seem to have a clue! He's asked me to give him my address and I'm concerned that this might be part of a wider scam to hit our website and its advertisers. If so, I doubt if I am alone in being targeted. Perhaps you might want to issue a warning to our members?"

The points which raise concerns are:
> Part offered for sale? - the message says "I`m trying to wreck it for parts as it is on the picture . But I don`t know if you will need more parts , apart from the particular parts you have in mind before ." But the advert seeks an "RV8 Air Cleaner Neck" which is not something usually fitted to what appears to be a standard MGBGT 1800 shown in the photo attached to the email.
> English is poor including both the sentence structure and spelling, a common feature in online scams.
> Seeks a "door step address for delivery" which is not only an odd thing to seek before someone had agreed to buy an item but raises concerns as to why they want to locate the member's address!

Copy of the suspect email received by a fellow member

-----Original Message-----
Sent: 25 April 2020 02:55
Subject: Re:


Regarding the MGB parts. Here is the attached photo of my MGB . But if you do , I want you to send me the list of parts that you may need.So that I can let you know the cost .

I`d also need your door step address for delvery especially for the sake o the COVID-19 .

Stay isolated and healthy, put on a mask and gloves.

On 4/24/20, < > wrote:
Are you still interested in RV8 Air Cleaner Neck, that you requested for ? if so let me know asap.

Best Regards,

Photo of "my MGB" attached to the email