Support Thames Valley Air Ambulance
Thames Valley Air Ambulance took the momentous step of becoming an independent healthcare provider in 2018 and the past year has seen the team grow and thrive. With an amazing family of supporters behind them they have just become the first Air Ambulance service in the country to receive an "Outstanding" overall rating from the Care Quality Commission.

Fellow V8 member and farmer in Oxfordshire, Charles Peers, is a keen supporter of Thames Valley Air Ambulance and fund raiser for them.

Please support Thames Valley Air Ambulance in "giving us the best chance when the worst happens". Just go to: or call: 0300 999 0135

Posted: 200406

When someone calls 999 the stakes are high. A life could be in danger and every second can count. Thames Valley Air Ambulance (TVAA) work closely with their friends at South Central Ambulance Service to make sure every patient gets the right care. Their dispatch team is on duty at their Emergency Operations Centre in Bicester, assessing which incidents need their crew. During the last year they were sent to 2,670 incidents - more than double the year before! See them in action

It costs TVAA £3,325 to send their helicopter on each mission. They are an independent charity and receive no Government or National Lottery funding, relying soley on donations from generous supporters. They are called out on an average of seven times a day to people in need of the most urgent critical care. Supporter donations are vital to keep the TVAA at the frontline of saving lives.

Please support the Thames Valley Air Ambulance in "giving us the best chance when the worst happens". Just go to the TVAA website or call 0300 999 0135