Abingdon in 1976

Robert Rose has found an interesting 19 minute video clip of a BBC Nationwide "On the Road" series on Abingdon made in March 1976. The presenter, with typical 1970s' hairstyle, refers to Abingdon as "a boozers paradise", covering the Old Gaol, Morris Dancing, the MG works and Mrs Didcock whistling" but unfortunately the video end is truncated. It's a wonderful look back at the time when the MGB was popular in the UK and overseas, particularly the USA, but sadly the Plant was nearing a sad closure.

Abingdon was in Berkshire until the 1970s when a county change took it into Oxfordshire.

See the video on Abingdon

Posted: 200405

Bodyshell delivered to Abingdon from the Cowley plant is on one of five production lines at Abingdon - one MGB left the lines every 10 minutes.

Recently manufactured MGBs parked up by the MG Plant at Abingdon pending despatch to dealers in the UK or overseas. Some 80% of production went to the USA.

The first MG, Old No 1, on a refreshing drive through the country lanes.

Morris dancing has been a feature of life in Abingdon for many years.

Abingdon Jail held some notorious Berkshire criminals until Reading Jail took over. Then for nearly 100 years Abingdon Jail was left vacant until it was modified and adapted as an arts and sports centre in the 1970s..

No 1 Parachute Training School was at RAF Abingdon until 1976 with drops made at Weston-on-the-Green north of Oxford. The V8 Webmaster did a PTS course there in 1963 whilst in the TA.