Where is it now?

The V8 Registrar often gets email enquiries from enthusiasts recalling how they had once owned an MGBGTV8 and are keen to know where it is today and whether they might make contact with the owner to see if the car might be for sale. Here we have a typical case - do you know where this car is and who owns it? If you do have any news of the car please do get in touch.

Posted: 200330
Alastair Campbell has been in touch saying "in the late 1970s I owned this MGBGTV8 in Damask Red whilst living in Yorkshire and would like to know it’s still around. I can see from an MOT history check that it’s been off the road since 2007. I would really appreciate any information you are able to give me please".

The car was registered back in the early 1980s by a member in North Yorkshire, David Badby, who the V8 Registrar has been able to trace as he registered another MGBGTV8 in 2015.
Does anyone know where this MGBGTV8 is today and who owns it? Its last MOT was in March 2005 when it passed 12 days after some worrying "reasons for failure" - like missing wheel nuts on all four wheels! - but with only 23,882 miles. So it seems it has been off the road and probably in a lengthy 15 year lay-up.

The V8 Registrar has made contact with David Badby and he has offered to search his records to try and find out to whom the car was sold so we might be able to continue tracing the car. If you know anything of this MGBGTV8 or any of the owners please do contact the V8 Webmaster. Email & Contacts