No road tax renewal letters for Historic vehicles

Getting a "tax disc" as a reminder
Although the traditional paper tax disc displayed on the windscreen providing a visual reminder of when road tax is due ceased some years ago, the V8 Webmaster is able to provide you with a replacement tax disc as you can see alongside. All you need to send is the renewal date and the other information you can see in the example alongside.
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Posted: 200330
No road tax renewal letters
Andy Goves has spotted a concern with Road Tax renewals, including the NIL value VED renewals for Historic vehicles, as he has not received the usual V11 reminder letter that the current tax is about to run out and renewal is required. His VED expires tomorrow on 31st March 2020! Fortunately he spotted it and renewed online today.

Andy wonders if this has been caused by some administrative disruption due to the Coronavirus pandemic in the UK because he says "my wife has a modern car and received her V11 in plenty of time so she could renew online".
Andy accepts it's his legal obligation to tax his vehicle and should know when this is due but without the usual V11 in the post as visual reminder or a tax disc on the windscreen it does need a note in a diary or on a calendar to draw attention to the need for a renewal. He is concerned that many other MG owners with a VED due to expire on 31st March 2020 may be unaware of this anomaly with the V11 reminders and be caught out.

Checking the VED renewal date on the GOV.UK website
When Andy did a check on the GOV.UK website the report for his MGBGTV8 correctly states that the VED is due from 1st April 2020 and that the VED is about to expire and the vehicle needs to be taxed. However, there is no mention anywhere on the GOV.UK website of any temporary arrangements to suspend sending out VED V11 reminder letters for Historic Vehicles. He says "I have contacted the DVSA, brought this anomaly to their attention and asked them to look into it". With numberplate recognition vans and police patrol cars able to spot untaxed vehicles and clamp them not being aware a renewal is due or has passed could be embarrassing.