V8 Roadster conversion progressing

Peter Nixon is working hard on his V8 Roadster conversion project and has reached the stage where the engine is the focus of a next stage of the task.

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Posted: 200323
Peter Nixon is was on the phone today to MGBHive - third time in three days - ordering up parts for his V8 Roadster conversion so he could get on with rebuilding his doors. The lady at MGBHive said it had been crazy dealing with the flood of orders. They have never been busier as it seems people all had the same reason - stocking up on replacement parts in case the Government orders a lockdown when they would have to work on their V8s.

Peter also needs to get his V8 engine rebored and says he "needs to sort out who to give the engine rebore to and then I need to order up the Rimmer SD1 rebuild pack with Vitesse pistons and a Land Rover 3.9 camshaft - a pelican size bill"l. Peter is finding it's not so easy finding someone who can do good rebores - "many of the

really skilled people used for rebores have retired and some of the new guys are not quite so up to scratch - something I have heard a couple of times from local companies. The old skilled people are dying out".