Long term MGBGTV8 lay-up seen for sale

This MGBGTV8 seems to have spent many years in a lay-up and sadly much of that time outside under tarpaulins so the present condition looks neglected and corroded. It desperately needs someone to plan and undertake a comprehensive restoration. See a full set of photos of this car. Photos

Posted: 200320
Ralph Hardwick contacted the V8 Webmaster saying "I went to see this car in January 2018, a one owner car in a sorry state. I wonder where it is now? The owner was taking sealed bids. Another owner some years back had removed the plugs and filled the bores with oil".

Victor Smith responded saying "it has clearly been tucked away in long time storage for many years. It's so sad to see a car like this left outside in such a mess - how can anyone do that? Checking the GOV.UK website the car was first registered on 13th May 1975 and the car has no MOT record, so it must have been in store for many, many years. Checking VIN 1915 with the copy of the Factory production records I hold I see the car went through Paint Finishing on 20th August 1974 in Glacier White and was despatched to Stewart & Arden in Barnes SW13 in southwest London, although the dealer is no longer there. There has been no registration of Glacier White 1915 or JLN 762N with our database".

From Ralph's visit to see the car he may be able to contact the advertiser again to learn more of who successfully bid for the car, where they came from (county) and possibly get some indication of the price paid. The V8 Registrar has not seen a registration of this car over the last couple of weeks but frankly a buyer of an MGBGTV8 in this condition will probably not bother to do so until they have made progress with assessing the state of the car and planning a restoration. See a full set of photos