Member survey of your experience with motor insurance for your MGV8

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"Member" is is a current member of the MG Car Club, or of a recognised overseas branch or affiliate of the MG Car Club, who has also registered an MGV8 with the V8 Register.

Posted: 200315
Classic car motor insurance cover is important for fellow MGV8 owners not least the key features of the policy - an agreed value, a limited annual mileage condition and the premium payable. But there are other areas of interest, for example how helpful the broker is in setting up and then renewing the cover, how the insurer handles claims, what support the broker provides when a claim is made. There are also more detailed issues over the terms of the policy, for example how does the insurer treat scrappage if you were to make a claim for serious damage to your MGV8. In many cases where insurers make a full payout equal to the insured amount (the agreed value) they retain the scrappage so if you wish to use the insurance payout to rebuild your MGV8 you have to negotiate with the insurer to agree the scrappage value before you can buy back the car! Often a classic car owner is unaware of this condition in their policy and when faced with the reality it comes as a real surprise.

Aim of this survey is to gather information from fellow Members on their experience with searching for a policy, which route did they take for their search (through a specialist broker or direct to an insurer), what information on the policy offered was provided by the broker or insurer, how Members assessed the policy offers they received, what procedures and requirements did the broker or insurer have for setting an agreed value, what premium was paid in the first and then subsequent years, was there any discount for Club membership, what was the renewal experience like and finally where you have unfortunately had to make a claim what has been your experience in terms of how the claims handling went. A prompt report from that survey information will be released to Members who have participated in the survey and later to fellow Members through an article on the V8 Website. Go to the online survey form here

Member details will not be revealed in any report published on the V8 Website or elsewhere. The data fields below for Member details are simply there to enable the V8 Webmaster to contact you to follow up any views or comments on your experience with classic motor insurance policies. The Member details will also enable the V8 Webmaster to screen out any spoof survey forms from trolls or mischief makers - unfortunately this occasionally happens as the V8 Website is run on an "open to all" basis.

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