Why buy on eBay?
Ian Quarrington has spotted a copy of "RV8: The Manufacturing Story" up for bidding on eBay. Bidding ends today at around 0930 UK time. He adds "it's astonishing to think one can buy a second hand copy for more money than a new item!" Currently there are 5 bidders! The trader is "lucyholly1947" who seems to trade in classic car books.

Update on bidding
The final bid was £53.00 plus £2.95 P&P, so the buyer paid £55.95. That's £22.65 (68%) more than the RV8 reprints are on offer to UK members on the online V8 Shop at £33.30. It's even £11 (24%) higher than our non member price of £44.95!
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Posted: 200218

Final bid £53.00 plus P&P of £2.95 = £55.95

UK member price £33.30 including P&P.