Stove enamel finish for Dunlop composites

Bryan Ditchman
uses his MGBGTV8 all the year round so his Dunlop composites have a tough life with the road muck and salt in Winter conditions. He has had sets of his Dunlop composites refurbished by the specialists Solent Wheels in Hampshire using their coating method.

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Bryan Ditchman uses his MGBGTV8 all the year round and to maintain his Dunlop composite wheels has had a couple of sets of his wheels painted with a "silver" coating by Solent Wheels over the last 25 years. After about three years areas of the wheel start to show signs of "bubbling", depending on how severe the winter weather has been, and then he has to plan for another refurbishment of the wheels.

Solent Wheels blast the Dunlop composite wheels to remove any rust on the chrome rims, then coat the rims and bake them to create the smooth finish you can see in the photo alongside. Whilst it's not a "chrome finish" the coating is sliver and the surface is smooth from the baking process, so it's another refurbishment option MGBGTV8 owners can consider for their original wheels.

See large photo of a Dunlop composite wheel refurbished by Solent Wheels. Photo