Modern cars are so much larger these days
When you drive an MGBGTV8 on UK roads today the car feels relatively smaller every year as modern cars are getting larger and larger - not to mention the explosion of even larger SUVs and 4x4s. To see just how much bigger a typical modern car is we have looked at a VW Golf, the longstanding popular hatchback, that has been around since 1974 until the most recent 2020 model.

Frontal area and volume growth
Photos of the three cars are alongside and are scaled to their comparative lengths. In the table alongside we have calculated the increase in size - frontal area (something you see in your rear view mirrors) and volume, something you see as they are near you on motorways or on major roads.

What can we see?
Well a VW Golf 2020 is now 35% larger (frontal area) and 47% larger (volume) than an MGBGTV8. Since 1974 the VW Golf model 2020 is now 15% larger (frontal area) and 33% larger (volume) than a VW Golf in 1974.

So even compared with a basic modern hatchback like the VW Golf 2020, it is almost 50% larger by volume than an MGBGTV8, so it's no wonder an MGBGTV8 driver feels the V8 is getting smaller!

Dimensions in metres
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