Cautionary tale in Biggleswade
The alarming story alongside posted on Facebook by Malcolm Gammons highlights there are some very unpleasant and determined car thieves about who are looking for an attractive car they can steal. Their method of stealing the car is to crash into your car deliberately to get the driver to stop and get out to check the damage. The thieves then jump into your car hoping the driver has left the keys in the ignition slot so they can drive off with your car. They even use a weapon like a crow bar to scare the driver.
In a Facebook posting Malcolm Gammons recommends drivers should take care because his wife Steph "has just been car jacked. They hit her at a roundabout and then when she got out of the car to look at the damage they jumped into her car. As she had turned it off and she had the key in her pocket they could not start the car. She then screamed her head off and lots of people came out from their homes nearby to help". Malcolm adds he has heard from the police it's the second one tonight". Clearly Steph is very lucky as the criminals threatened her with a crow bar to make her give up the keys. Malcolm suggests "if you get hit and it's not your fault keep driving and call the police".

The incident happened in Biggleswade in Bedfordshire on 30th December 2019 at about 6.45pm and Malcolm says "Steph is very shaken up by it all but very grateful for the help she got". Another person posting on the forum said he knew of another incident in Biggleswade when someone he knows had their BMW stolen in the early hours. The lady involved in that second incident then posted a Facebook note saying "
Sorry to hear this happened to your partner, I was the other lady whose car they tried to take in Bedford prior to this. The only thing I can take from this is that they have weapons but it seems they are reluctant to use them. I also screamed at them and so did my husband and they soon left, so making a scene seems to help frustrate the attack". She added the police said it was my "type" of vehicle they were after. "I am just worried about taking it anywhere now as I had only had it 10 minutes".
Worst areas for car theft increases revealed
The UK Government data was analysed by the car-selling site Motorway and it shows which police force areas in the UK suffered the worst increases in car theft. Staffordshire saw the largest rise, with car thefts jumping by 37.5% from 1,332 in 2017 to 1,831 in 2018, and Bedfordshire came second, seeing a 27.3% cent year-on-year rise from 1,054 thefts to 1,342.

On the basis of the stats alongside it seems that an average of 3.28 cars a day are stolen in Bedforshire or one every 7.3 hours! In Berkshire it's 9.07 stolen cars a day or one every 2.6 hours!

Posted: 200101