RV8 members in Cornwall and Devon

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Peter Cutting has an RV8 (Woodcote Green 2141) in Cornwall and is interested in making contact with fellow RV8 enthusiasts in Devon and Cornwall. A longstanding V8 member in Cornwall is Gordon Hesketh-Jones near Helston so the V8 Webmaster will put Peter in touch with Gordon - Peter lives even further west than Helston. He would welcome any contact from fellow MGV8 members in the area by phone 01208 871187 or by email .

Peter Cutting has been working on installing a pair of fog lights in the aircon intakes and was having difficulty getting hold of some fixing brackets but decided to re-jig some Ford Fiesta brackets to mount the lamps. They have worked well and now he is trying to get hold of some bulb access dust cover caps? If anyone knows of where he can get them please do contact Peter by phone 01208 871187 or by email .