Check now - cherished plates deadline
If you have a cherished number on retention with a V750 or V778 check now to see if it has expired. You can renew online but you only have until 18th December 2019 - so REN 001T!

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If your V750 or V778 has expired
You can buy the right to use a private registration number again if you got the V750 or V778 before 9th March 2015 and it expired on or after 1st May 2011. You have until 18th December 2019 to apply - DVLA will not accept applications after this date.

It costs £25 for each year that the certificate has expired. Any time under 1 year costs the same as a full year, for example if your certificate expired 2 years 1 month ago, you’ll have to pay for 3 years (£75).

Fill in the form on the V750 or V778. Send it with the fee to the address on the form.

If you do not have your V750 or V778, send a letter to DVLA Personalised Registrations. You’ll need to explain why you do not have your V750 or V778. Include the fee, your private number and proof of your name and address, for example your driving licence or both your passport and a utility bill.

See this notice on the GOV.UK website
Enthusiasts with lapsed personalised vehicle registration numbers that are on retention are urged to check their paperwork is updated before it's too late
Why you may ask? Well the DVLA has announced it will seize expired cherished vehicle registration numbers by 18th November 2019 unless their entitlement and retention certificates are brought up to date - at a cost of £25.

Notice alongside is on the GOV.UK website. More

What is the Difference Between a V750 and a V778?
The DVLA Documents V750 and V778 allow a personalised number plate to be kept whilst it is not attached or assigned to a vehicle.

V750 Certificate of Entitlement is a pink A4 size piece of paper. It is used by the DVLA for the first issue of a personalised registration. If you have a V750 then the vehicle registration number shown on the document has never before been displayed on a vehicle. It is a brand new registration.

V778 – Retention Document is a green A4 size piece of paper. It is used by the DVLA when a personalised registration has been separated from a vehicle and placed on retention. If you have a V778 then the retained personalised registration has previously been displayed on a vehicle.

More information on V750 & V778