DEC Microsteer EPAS kit for MGV8s

DC Electronics Motorsport Specialist Ltd
Unit 1 & 2, Quayside Industrial Park
Essex CM9 5FA

01621 856451

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DEC Microsteer EPAS kit
Electric power steering for classic cars
Speaking with David Cunliffe at DC Electronics in Maldon Essex he said their Microsteer EPAS kit is currently on offer at only £665 plus delivery and VAT. A kit is available for the MGB, MGBGTV8 and RV8 offering variable assistance
provided either in "manual mode" using a potentiometer or in a programmable "speed sensor mode" between 0 and 20mph.

Installation is designed to be as easy as possible and can be carried out by any competent mechanic - ballpark installation costs can be around £500 to £800 depending on the car. DCE have a number of recommended installation companies around the country. If you’d like details of one near you, just ask and they will be happy to help with
the necessary details.

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