Good news on E5 grade fuel

Future availability of "protection grade" E5 fuel for classics
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Posted: 191113
Classic Car Weekly has a brief item reporting "Tories: We'll keep E5 fuel".
A commitment will be in the Conservative manifesto for the forthcoming general election.

Classic car enthusiasts' concerns over higher ethanol levels in petrol tend to focus on two main areas: technical issues and the future availability and price of lower ethanol petrol as a "protection grade" fuel available on forecourts in the UK. The commercial case for having an E5 97 fuel pump on many forecourts and the price of that fuel will depend on the realities of customer demand, consequential sales revenues for fuel station operators, the logistics of delivering E5 97 to fuel stations and the commercial viability for a fuel station operator of having a pump set aside for E5 97.
For a typical classic car enthusiast, like an MGV8 owner doing between say 2,000 to 4,000 miles pa, the effect of a higher price for E5 97 of say 15p a litre could be between £38 and £76 pa.