"Early Bird" offer for reprint of MG RV8 - The Manufacturing Story

Tuesday 29th October
Wednesday 30th October 2019
Thursday 31st October
Friday 1st November
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With continuing interest from MG RV8 owners wanting to get a copy of the book MG RV8 - The RV8 Manufacturing Story the V8 Register has commissioned another reprint which is on offer now at a discounted "Early-Bird" rate to fellow members. The reduced rate ends on Thursday 31st October at 2300 BST.

What's in the book: MG RV8 - the RV8 Manufacturing Story?
The 113 page book provides a detailed, factual description of the RV8 manufacturing process together with an outline of the staff involved. The content is based on material in the Club's archives, interviews with the management and production staff involved with the RV8 production and ensures that this fascinating detail of RV8 history is not lost to posterity. The book begins with an interesting outline of the formation of the 16 strong production team involved in RV8 manufacture and their duties. It then covers the manufacturing process from body shell build, painting, to vehicle assembly. Further chapters describe the assembly facility layout, build documentation and vehicle production dates. A later chapter on anecdotes told to the authors by the various production team members adds further human interest to the story. The book contains many quality photos of the production process and staff which have never been published before. See a review of the book in 2011 by Jerry Myers.

Buying a copy?
We have a special "Early Bird" discount offer available until the end of October 2019. Don't delay, visit our online V8 Shop now.
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