Glass table top on the V8 block

Posted: 191015
Geoff Hunter found a V8 block he had been given for spares by Ian Quarrington could not be used but reports that "some time ago I met an AA patrolman who asked me for any scrap mechanical car parts from which he could made some furniture. I contacted him and he was delighted to take the V8 block and a few days ago sent me the result." See photo alongside of a glass table top on the V8 block. It's not the first but they are always an extraordinary domestic feature!

Ian also gave Geoff an MGB gearbox who says "I took it to my gearbox man Melvin Johnson at TR Transmissions of Netherton Dudley in the Black Country, who straightaway declared it different to the V8 box and unlikely to help my situation. Nevertheless he agreed as a freebee to check it over and tell me whether it was worth repairing. I located a satisfactory used mainshaft and laygears from Heathrow Transmissions who were very helpful. My gearbox has been rebuilt and is ready to refit complete with the overdrive reconditioned by Overdrive Services in Sheffield who were also very helpful."