Billboard on super highway from Bangkok airport to the city

Franck Morand was back in France and his daughter Ondine accompanied him to the Le Mans Classic event. On his left in the photo alongside is Regis Fouquereau, his friend and mechanic who restored his MGBGTV8 years ago. Regis drove a friend's Facel Vega to Le Mans.

Posted: 191009
Franck Morand, an MGBGTV8 enthusiast from France living in Thailand, has sent in a photo of a billboard on super highway from Bangkok airport to the city and says "everybody is going electric these days. This is very sad, as electric cars are by far the most polluting cars to produce/manufacture. Just a little chip half the size of a matchbox that is necessary to make an electric car function requires digging 91 tons of mineral. And this is only one tiny little part of the ecological nightmare electric cars are. This is absolutely insane! Then, I don’t hear the environmentalists say much on this . . . ".